Kate N.

AiTech team , especially Jerry Brock and Sarah Smith had done an amazing job on helping me finding the current position. They are very professional and super helpful. Communication was great and the hiring process was fast. I highly recommend AiTech for any job seekers.


AiTech people did a great job thank you for getting this all together

Michele Loppnow

Maxine has made a wonderful addition to our team. It was a pleasure working with you.

Maxine E.

I highly recommend AiTech! Selena Thomas and Alex Boyd were very professional and were able to match me with the exact opportunity that I was seeking with an amazing new employer. I cannot thank them enough. Selena is very proactive and a wonderful communicator. Alex was very good with follow up and communication. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with AiTech. Thank you!

Robert Henry

I was seeking a management position in logistics or warehousing and worked with Robert Charles. He was very professional and helpful in my job search and it resulted in finding a great position for a company with the culture I was looking for!

Daniel Rodriguez

I just want to say THANK YOU to the AiTech team especially to Sarah Smith and Jerry Brock. They did an amazing job making everything easy for me as I was looking for new career opportunities and challenges.
The communication through out the process is exceptional. They took care of me really well and I strongly recommend them to anybody.
Thanks Again

David W

Jerry Brock helped me find the current position with a competitive compensation throughout the whole process. I really thank him for this great opportunity. I recommend AiTech for any job seekers.

P Shah

Thank you to Selena and the rest of the AiTech team for finding me the perfect fit. I would never have found my current company if it wasn’t for you guys!

James McHugh

Aitech Corp is one of the professional staffing firm we’ve found. They helped us in finding the right candidate we have been searching from long time. They have been very patient throughout our hiring process and has hardworking recruiting team. I look forward to working with Aitech Corp for future opportunities.

Thank you!

Mj Widen

Aitech did a fantastic job! I feel Jerry and his team were instrumental in the advancement of my career. Thank you so much!

Best of luck! Mj Widen

Dominic W.

The efficiency and communication with AiTech was clear and consistent. The team gave the information that was needed and I didn’t feel like they were taking me through multiple screening like others can in the industry. Point blank, they got the job done.

Michael Fulton

Jerry Brock found a great opportunity for me and also positioned me for very competitive compensation. AiTech is recommended if you are seeking to improve your current employment situation.

Sarah Haynes

Good company to work with. Aitech Corp has helped us in finding the best candidate we needed. It has been long time since the position was opened and we are a company who choose its employees wisely. I really appreciate their patience and I look forward to working with them in future. Thank you.


Aitech’s team is professional and has helped me through out the interview process with patience. However it took a long time but I am happy at where I am right now. Good company to work with, I strongly recommend AiTech for staffing needs.

Jesse Sumone

One of the best companies to work with, they have the best recruiting team and they helped me in getting great job, I am happy. Thank you Aitech.