Tooling Technician

Job Title: Tooling Technician

Employment Type: Full Time

Location: TN

Job Posted Date: July 31, 2019


• Collaborate to achieve the objectives of the projects in terms of investment cost, parts and tools quality and cycle times of the injection toolings. Give support to Desing Engineering to ensure best possible performance of the tools and products.


• Assist to Front Loads workshops and ensure the correct strategy and design for the injection toolings.
• Manage mold flow analysis and assure PDD support to Engineering Department.
• Participate in the all related product design phases to check impacts on the tooling (DPR2 & 3).
• Define mold concept & technical requirements (RFQ).
• Adapt timing for the molds to the FDS and customer milestones.
• Validate mold drawings according to RFQ, QSTD and injection process of the production Plant.
• Make mold construction follow up (timing, cost and quality). Report to the team.
• Assist to most important trials for a project success (follow std DS & HS phases).
• Manage with team & suppliers the modifications to be done.
• Validate molds before the run@rate.
• Management of problems with molds in production.
• Update Tooling Data Base with the required information.
• Audit B and C suppliers of his country´s panel.
• Give support to KAM in quotations for customers.
• Observe company’s Code of Ethics to avoid fraudulent practices. Comply with Information Security Management System (ISMS) applicable to the job, along with the training related thereto.
• Actively cooperate in maintaining, promoting and improving the OHSE and Quality department and Quality Department.

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