Supervisor EMS Engineering

Job Title: Supervisor EMS Engineering

Employment Type: Full Time

Location: SC

Job Posted Date: September 6, 2019

Position Description

Directs and supervises the daily activities of EMS Engineering personnel in the design, installation and maintenance of Energy Management System (EMS) equipment, applications and software located in the Energy Control Center (ECC) and the Standby Control Center (SCC).
This includes all dynamic scheduling systems and pseudo-tie systems.
Also responsible for maintaining EMS application adherence with NERC Standards.
Essential Job Tasks:
Plans, coordinates and directs all activities of the EMS Engineering unit.
Investigates, develops, reviews and recommends new methods and procedures for the safe and reliable operation of Company’s electric system.
Coordinates and directs the proper installation and completes checkout of new equipment.
Makes all needed design changes and enhancements to the Energy Management System.
Monitors and directs technical troubleshooting on the Energy Management System as required and maintains a standby status for the integrity of the Energy Management System.
Represents Company at meetings with other organizations as required.
Develops and implements procedures, and carries out compliance monitoring and other associated activities to maintain compliance will applicable NERC Standards.
Position Requirements
Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering with a minimum of ten years experience with computer/control systems required.
A comparable combination of education, experience and certifications will be considered provided the incumbent can display a progressive and dedicated commitment to engineering or information technologies focused in security or compliance.
Leadership skills and abilities are required.
Supervisory experience is preferred.
South Carolina Professional Engineer license required.
Valid driver’s license required.
Have ability to communicate orally and in writing in both technical and non-technical terms required.
Must be able to effectively utilize information processing systems for technical and non-technical purposes and motivate and direct technically oriented personnel.

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