QA Specialist

Job Title: QA Specialist

Employment Type: Full Time

Location: TX

Job Posted Date: May 27, 2020

The Full Time QA Specialist is a key member of the Quality Department. Their primary goal is to uphold customer service high-quality standards by performing ongoing QA’s on all call center Agents. Must have excellent time management and efficiency abilities. As a member of the Quality Department, the QA Specialist is expected to be highly analytical, with strong critical thinking and strong conflict resolution abilities.

Role And Responsibilities

Perform and document monthly agent service and enrollment QA’s.
Identify trends, common errors, and areas for improvement by analyzing QA results.
Actively participate in monthly QA Calibration Sessions.
Assist in Call Pull requests in addition to interpretation as needed.
Responsible for distributing information to team members and stakeholders.
Assist in other related duties as requested.
Qualifications And Requirements
Bilingual: fluent in Spanish
Previous QA experience preferred but not required
Experience in Call Center software preferred but not required
High School Diploma, GED, or equivalent
Preferred Skills
Work – Ethic

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