Virtual assistants

Smart Virtual assistants, harvesting more and better candidate’s

Many Companies have adopted some of virtual assistants, but AI is going to take that to next level. We communicate with candidates in a never ending learning curve. Our online BOT technology is driven by artificial intelligence

Candidate engagement

Let’s measure and predict candidate engagement

One of the major benefits of using AI is that AI has the ability to learn, to adapt its algorithms to be better and smarter at its job. This makes our business highly personalized.

Faster process

AiTech will shorten your hiring cycle

AiTech is able to do the repetitive tasks faster and more accurately. Our energy is Customer or Candidate facing with a focus on human skills such as emotional intelligence, judgment, reasoning, and customer interaction.

Instant access

AiTech automates resume sorting, giving you instant access to quality

Automate and speed up recruiting. AiTech will help you to achieve this goal. We save time by sorting through resumes, identifying potential candidates, and possibly even automating outreach messages to qualified candidates about good matches for available jobs.

AiTech speeds up enormously the first stages of recruitment allowing to spend more time on interviews and training of new candidates.

Big Data

Big data, powered by AiTech

AiTech can fulfill the heavy task of analysing big data. AI will be able to analyse :

Scoring talent on past history for future deployment, on a continuous learning curve basis.

Likelihood to get a job, again on an evolving basis

Candidate assignment comple on likeliness

Plot the quality of a candidate with real terrain criteria such as ‘show up for their interview’, perform well at work’, ‘how likely they are to complete the job’, etc.