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<strong>Alan Forbes – Board member USA</strong> <br>
Alan Forbes – Board member USA

Alan supports and advices on Business development in the North American region. Alan also supports other organizations such as Hoozin and is a best-selling author on with several books on technology, including PHP, Bootstrap, jQuery, and Swift. Alan has also been speaker at dozens of technology conferences including IBM Connect and user conferences.

<strong>Carwin Heierman – Board member Europe</strong>  <br>
Carwin Heierman – Board member Europe

Carwin is based out of Monaco, in the South of France. Carwin supports the Business Development in the EMEA area. Other roles are in Hoozin as Director of Operations. Carwin enjoys disruptive technology and specializes in Digital Marketing and large account sales.

Kevin Jones – Head of Operations

Kevin has held numerous responsibilities and helped shape the company’s growth in different areas. In his present role, he is responsible for implementation of all projects targeting revenue development including; strategic planning, major client bids/RFPs, advertising, public relations and all employee related processes. His well honed qualities of integrity, steadfast values, taking calculated risks, continually growing and reinventing himself have constantly driven the company to greater heights.

Jerry Brock – Head of Sales and Recruitment

Jerry is able to ensure the utmost level of customer compliance and satisfaction. He is also responsible for the sales and recruitment endeavour of the company and leads the Aitech Corp sales and recruitment team towards growth and success. He is able to absorb, analyse and draw conclusions from data on turnover, diversity, develop and manage relationships, identify needs, and deliver successful results.


AiTech solves both the problem of high quantity screening and placement delay. We offer a steady flow of candidates. By using partly automated screening we optimize our and your interview time.


AiTech also guarantees extreme fast delivery of resources. We overcome the challenge of time consuming screening and reduce the long processes prior to a placement. Our key tags are Artificial Intelligence, People, Speed and Trust.


We help organizations quickly find the right profile. By combining experience with a likely match to your requirements, we can plot the best candidates for each specific job description