About Us


AiTech solves both the problem of high quantity screening and placement delay. We offer study flow of IT candidates that can be screened in an automated manner prior to the time consuming interview.


AiTech also guarantees extreme fast delivery of resources. We overcome the challenge of time consuming screening and reduce the long processes prior to a placement. Our key tags are Artificial Intelligence, People, speedy delivery and excellent guarantees.


We help our Customers to quickly find the right profile in a fully automated way. By combining experience with a likely match to requirements, we can plot the best candidates for each specific job description and their cultural context.

• Application Developer • Application Support Analyst • Applications Engineer • Associate Developer • Chief Information Officer (CIO) • Chief Technology Officer (CTO) • Cloud Architect • Cloud Consultant • Cloud Product and Project Manager • Cloud Services Developer • Cloud Software and Network Engineer • Cloud System Administrator • Cloud System Engineer • Computer and Information Research Scientist • Computer and Information Systems Manager Computer Network Architect • Computer Programmer • Computer Systems Analyst • Computer Systems Manager • Customer Support Administrator Customer Support Specialist • Data Center Support Specialist • Data Quality Manager • Database Administrator • Desktop Support Manager • Desktop Support Specialist • Developer • Director of Technology • Front End Developer • Help Desk Specialist • Help Desk Technician • IT Analyst • IT Coordinator IT Director • IT Manager • IT Support Manager • IT Support Specialist • IT Systems Administrator • Java Developer • Junior Software Engineer • Management Information Systems Director • .NET Developer • Network Administrator • Network Architect • Network and Computer Systems • Administrator • Network Engineer • Network Systems Administrator • Programmer • Programmer Analyst • Security Specialist • Senior Applications Engineer • Senior Database Administrator • Senior Network Architect • Senior Network Engineer • Senior Network System Administrator • Senior Programmer • Senior Programmer Analyst • Senior Security Specialist • Senior Software Engineer • Senior Support Specialist • Senior System Administrator • Senior System Analyst • Senior System Architect • Senior System Designer • Senior Systems Software Engineer • Senior Web Administrator • Senior Web Developer • Software Architect • Technical Operations Officer • Technical Specialist • Technical Support Engineer • Technical Support Specialist • Telecommunications Specialist • Web Administrator • Web Developer • Webmaster • Software Developer • Software Engineer • Software Quality Assurance Analyst • Support Specialist • System Architect • Systems Administrator • Systems Analyst • Systems Designer • Systems Software Engineer